Welcome home

Seaham Garden Village is a new community set up for sustainability and success, near the dramatic views and thriving wildlife havens of Durham's heritage coast. Building on location and setting, almost 50% of the development will include open space or landscaped areas, for the community to enjoy. This approach is a fundamental part of the Garden Village concept.

Over the next decade The Garden Village will create 1,500 energy-efficient homes, 750 of those affordable, as well as a primary school, an innovation centre and a community hub. Helping bring community spirit and sustainable living to life, every day.

1,500 New Homes With 750 Affordable Homes

New Primary School & Play Areas

Community Facilities

Over 3 Miles Of Landscaped Paths & Cycleways

Managed Green Space/Extensive Parkland

Seaham Garden Village is brought to you by housing experts Karbon Homes, Taylor Wimpey and Miller Homes, along with support and engagement from regional stakeholders and the local community. One team with one dream: to build a thriving community with a positive impact for all.

A fresh approach

A new place to live. A new way of living. Whatever your story so far, Seaham Garden Village brings you a beautiful new home and a breath of fresh air, on Durham's heritage coast. Where everything you need is on your doorstep. Where sustainability is second nature. Where community truly counts.

What is a Garden Village?

The Garden Village is a government initiative designed to support the creation of outstanding new neighbourhoods and places. Garden Villages are unique, innovative and are ultimately, all about creating great places to live.

To achieve Garden Village status, strict design guidelines must be followed. Seaham Garden Village is shaped by a masterplan designed to deliver a fantastic new place to live, work and play. Beautifully and imaginatively designed homes and additional community facilities will be at the forefront, but all sitting within a range of open space and landscaping.

Community engagement has been central to the shaping of the Garden Village plans and we remain committed to further stakeholder and community engagement as we continue with the development.

Built for…


Get more from life, together


You're not just buying a beautiful new home. You're buying into community life. And you'll feel it the moment you arrive.

There's a range of gorgeous outside spaces to share with your fellow Seaham Garden Villagers. As you pass through the village square, you’re bound to bump into someone you know. At the heart of Seaham Garden Village, we are aiming to create a buzzing community hub, which will see the development of a new school as well as additional facilities. All carefully designed to encourage a real sense of neighbourhood.

Friendly faces, friendly places. So much to see, share and enjoy - together.


Green space and greener thinking


Living more sustainably. Sounds a bit intimidating, doesn't it? But when you move to Seaham Garden Village, it'll become second nature.

Sustainable thinking has shaped this community at every stage, from design through to construction.

You'll see it in your exceptionally energy-efficient new home, helping you to cut carbon and stay on top of your bills with the real potential for an innovative renewable energy source. You'll benefit from an extensive network of walking and cycling routes, linking residential areas to the community facilities, helping you rely less on the car.

And you'll see it develop even further, as we embed the latest low-carbon thinking into all aspects of life at Seaham Garden Village.


With its very own infrastructure


We hope you'll make this your home for years. And that's why we're making a long-term investment into the success of Seaham Garden Village.

Over the next decade we'll create a thriving neighbourhood with its own infrastructure and its own sense of place. As well as all the stunning new homes, fully ready for the future, Seaham Garden Village will also welcome its own shops, facilities and amenities. And we'll even build a primary school, to help the next generation prosper too.

Putting Seaham Garden Village on the map. Setting you up for success. Proudly revitalising the whole region.